Table 3

Comparison of Neurologic Diagnoses Reported in Studies of Neurology Resident Experience in the United States

Current study
West Virginia University (2015–2018)
Moore and Chalk16
Mayo Clinic, Rochester (1986–1989)
Boston University (1988–1991)
University of Pennsylvania (2002–2005)
Clinical settingOutpatient (100%)Inpatienta
Inpatient (73%)
Outpatient (27%)
Inpatient (75%)
Outpatient (25%)
No. of trainees5111
No. of patients evaluated9481,0091,3321,333
Neurologic disorder (%)
 Headache disorders24746
 Neuromuscular disorders172058
 Movement disorders12253
 Cerebrovascular disorders11171418
  • Results rounded off to the nearest integer.

  • a Data not reported.