Table 5

Interventions to Increase Resident Comfort Caring for Patients With IDD

InterventionMean (95% CI)
Dedicated support staff to navigate services for patients with IDD3.74 (3.69–3.79)
Having a doctor who specializes in caring for patients with IDD in my clinic/department to talk through cases3.49 (3.42–3.55)
More interactions with people with IDD3.05 (2.98–3.13)
More didactic sessions/lectures about IDD2.76 (2.68–2.84)
A dedicated rotation about care for patients with IDD2.68 (2.58–2.77)
Online resource with facts and practice guidelines about patients with IDD2.58 (2.49–2.67)
  • Abbreviation: IDD = intellectual and/or developmental disability.

  • Scale: 1 = not at all, 2 = a little, 3 = somewhat, 4 = very much.