Table 2

Illustrative Quotes on the Most Prominent Positive and Negative Opinions of the TBL Sessions From the End-of-Course Survey and Semistructured Interviews

ThemeIllustrative quote(s)
Positive comments
 High-quality, concise syllabiThe TBL syllabi created by [course director] were incredibly helpful
The prereadings for TBLs that were written by faculty were awesome, and I referred back to these many times
 Reinforced learningTBL was a highlight of planned redundancy with reading followed by lecture
I loved the laboratory activities and TBL exercises to supplement the lecture material
The TBLs were directly relevant and dealt with material we've learned before
 Low-stake quiz performanceI really liked that the TBLs were extra credit points. Otherwise, I believe this would increase stress and competitive atmosphere
The stakes of quiz performance felt just right. It was enough to push me to complete the prereading, but not so high to make me worry about it every Tuesday and Thursday
Constructive comments
 Excessive length of textbook readingThe textbook readings were frankly too long, and it was hard to weed through to figure out what was actually important to know
I think many people did not read the super long textbook readings that were assigned…
 Redundancy of quiz completion and reviewGoing over all the answers as a large group after we just went through each one as a small TBL group seemed overly redundant
Sometimes it just felt like the instructor was reading the answers back to us a third time
 Inconsistency of facilitatorsI wonder if there may have been discrepancies in opinions in students who learned from [facilitator 1] vs [facilitator 2]
I think there were some inconsistencies between information taught… in one room but not the other
  • Abbreviation: TBL = team-based learning.