Table 2

Professional Characteristics

All (n = 314)Neurology resident (n = 122)Neurology resident doing a PhD (n = 30)Neurologist (n = 55)Neurologist doing a PhD (n = 45)PhD in neurology research (n = 35)Post-doc in neurology research (n = 27)
Female/male ratio
Hours per week
Time devoted to clinical practice, %
Time devoted to research, %
Time devoted to teaching, %
Time devoted to administrative work, %
Time devoted to other activities work, %
Nights on call per month
Weekend on call per month
Working in university hospital, %
Affected by the COVID-19 pandemic with increase in workload, %
Duration of neurology residency or PhD program, y
NRP year, %
 NRP5 or more
Time after neurology certification, y
Workplace/residency abroad, %
Annual income, % of responders
 <15,000 €36.636.133.341.837.828.640.7
 15,000–30,000 €39.247.536.725.540.040.029.6
 30,000–45,000 €13.76.613.323.617.825.73.7
 45,000–60,000 €
 60,000–75,000 €
 75,000–90,000 €
 >90,000 €
  • Abbreviations: COVID-19 = coronavirus disease 2019; NA = not applicable; NRP = neurology residency programme.