Table 1

Stations at the Neurosciences Procedure Workshop

Procedure by specialtyDescriptionLed by
 LPDirection and practice performing LP on training modelsNeurophysiology fellow
 EMG/NCSStudents had brief NCS performed on them and the results explainedNeuromuscular fellow and technicians
 PupillometryPractice using device and interpretation of resultsNeurocritical care fellow
 Dystonia muscle injectionPractice performing injections on arm anatomic muscle modelsMovement disorders fellow and attending, Allergan representatives
 Headache Botox injectionPractice performing injections on head modelsHeadache fellow and attending, Allergan representatives
 Neuromodulation devicesDemonstration and use of neuromodulation devices used to treat headacheHeadache fellow
 DBSEducational video of DBS implantation and live demonstration with a patient with Parkinson diseaseMovement disorders attending
 Adult neurologic examinationDemonstration and practice of correct neurologic examination techniquesNeurology clerkship director
 Pediatric neurologic examinationDemonstration and practice of neurologic examination techniques unique to pediatric patientsChild neurology resident
 ElectroencephalographyMachine display and educationEpilepsy attending and technician
 EVDDemonstration and practice using the neuronavigation system used to place EVDsNeurosurgery attendings
 ECTMachine and educational videoPsychiatry attending
  • Abbreviations: DBS = deep brain stimulation; ECT = electroconvulsive therapy; EVD = external ventricular drain; LP = lumbar puncture; NCS = nerve conduction study.