Table 3

Qualitative Feedback From Trainees and Program Directors

ThemeExample quotes
Benefits of interactions with leading expertsThe lectures are fantastic and it is great to hear from the speakers themselves. Excited to be able to participate myself.
Improvement on prior approaches for learning niche and cross-disciplinary topicsWonderful seminar series. Love the concept of topics that may not be core topics at each institution or universal.
Overall, I thought the series was very useful, particularly in covering topics other than MS DMTs.
Opportunities for live and asynchronous participationThis was an excellent resource during the MS fellowship, especially the on-demand videos which could be watched at a later time.
Areas for growthAllow more time for discussion—many sessions went over time and it would be great to allow for more engagement.
  • Abbreviations: DMT = disease-modifying therapy; MS = multiple sclerosis.